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The Growth of your Business depends on the Performance of your People and the Agility of your Processes.  Skeptic about “coaching”? We have real life industry experience, we do not coach from books. With 25+ Years Leading Businesses, we know about Leadership. We also apply the latest Emotional Intelligence and Positive Intelligence techniques, along with Lean Best Practices for measurable, permanent results. We offer a full line of services.

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          • Executive Leadership
          • Employee Retention
          • Change Management (e.g: Digital Transformation)
          • Competencies Assessment
          • Business Strategy
          • Process Improvement / Lean Processes
          • Ethical Artificial Intelligence
          • Team Building

Do you know what makes great companies great?

Unlock the full potential of your business and multiply your Results by Retaining and Strengthening your teams.

Turn your strategies into profits and outperform the market applying the systems and processes used by the market leaders.

Why is it important to work on the Executive Leadership of your key employees is critical?

Executive leadership refers to the process of leading and managing a company or organization at the highest level. Executive leaders are responsible for setting the overall direction and strategy of the organization, as well as ensuring that all employees are working towards the achievement of the company’s goals.

Effective executive leadership requires a combination of vision, communication skills, and the ability to inspire and motivate others. It also requires the ability to make tough decisions and navigate complex challenges, as well as the ability to adapt and innovate in a rapidly changing business environment.

One of the key responsibilities of executive leaders is to set the vision and strategy for the organization. This involves defining the company’s mission and values, as well as setting long-term goals and objectives. It also involves making decisions about resource allocation, including the allocation of financial and human resources.

In order to successfully execute the company’s vision and strategy, executive leaders must be able to communicate effectively with their employees. This includes not only sharing information and updates, but also listening to and addressing the concerns and ideas of team members.

In addition to setting vision and strategy, executive leaders must also be able to inspire and motivate their employees. This involves creating a positive and collaborative culture within the organization, as well as recognizing and rewarding the contributions of team members.

Effective executive leadership also requires the ability to make tough decisions. This may involve making difficult personnel decisions, such as layoffs or restructuring, or it may involve making strategic decisions that have significant financial implications for the organization.

Finally, executive leaders must be able to adapt and innovate in a rapidly changing business environment. This may involve embracing new technologies or business models, or it may involve seeking out new opportunities for growth and expansion.

In summary, effective executive leadership requires a combination of vision, communication skills, and the ability to inspire and motivate others, as well as the ability to make tough decisions and adapt to change. It is essential for the success of any organization and requires a strong and confident leader at the helm.

The Result: Accelerating growth while delighting your customers and keeping your organization engaged and motivated doesn’t happen by accident. It happens when you have executive-level industry professionals working side-by-side with you and the members of your organization, applying proven systems and tools to achieve or exceed the business objectives through people.

At Sextant International we are experts in Industrial Product Marketing and Innovation, Digital Transformation and Acquisitions.

With more than 25 years of experience in breakthrough Product Development and Commercialization, we have been awarded and recognized by the industry for consistent innovation using the latest technologies and business models. Our real-life (not from books or courses) experience in Mergers & Acquisitions will help you accomplish faster, more effective, and smoother transactions and integrations.

We help you take your organization to higher levels of Engagement, Performance and Retention

Executive Performance Coaching

Develop your people to higher levels of Engagement and Performance

Product Management and Marketing

Build a Customer Centric Team of High Performance Product Managers.
Execute Highly Impacting Product Launches that Generate Sales Quickly

Maximize employee Retention

We coach CEOs and Managers to help them develop effective employee retention behaviors and processes


Strategic Planning & M&A

Design and Execute Robust Strategic Plans that Drive Predictable and Sustained Business Growth  

Acquisition Targeting and Due Diligence

Identify and Target the Right Acquisition candidate. Avoid surprises before making an offer and assess the value more accurately

Post M&A Merger Integration

Make sure that your Acquisition delivers the Value you planned by Executing a Flawless post-merger Integration that creates value

Watch Hector Barresi, Sextant's CEO interview by Deb Dietz

What Clients Say about Hector Barresi

"...brought structure to our team ..!"

"Hector brought structure to our marketing organisation and coordinated dedicated and shared resources across multiple countries and business units and verticals."
Christophe Bouvet
General Manager @ AccoDev Partners

"... stays focused on the big picture ...!"

"Hector stays focused on the big picture as he develops and presents marketing strategies and sales tactics for new products and technologies."
Amitabh Khosla
Sales Director @ Honeywell

"...Your help has been incredibly valuable! ...!"

" I have grown as a leader, and have strategies to keep focused on the right behaviors to make this a habit and something I will be able to always do."
Greg Thomton
Program Lead @ Microsoft

"... is a great Coach and Leader ...!"

"Hector is a great coach and approachable leader always ready to share his learnings, give constructive feedback and motivate the team."
Nimish Chauhan
Product Manager @ Xero

"... a no-nonsense professional ...!"

Hector is a no-nonsense strategic business professional that understands what needs to get done and attacks opportunities with a great deal of thoughtfulness and enthusiasm."
Alex Areces
Marketing & Biz. Dev. Director @ Haya Health

Record Value of Global Acquisitions in 2021. Not all will succeed. Work with me on your post-acquisition integration

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Business Growth starts with the Performance of your People and the Agility of your Processes.

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